Content Marketing

Your Brand's Role in the Hero's Journey

The term, Story Brand, coined by Donald Miller, is a content marketing strategy that uses the hero's journey in brand marketing. Your company can connect to its audience through storytelling. In fact, there's no better system to increase audience engagement with your brand.

Story Brand isn't a new concept—however, the term succinctly describes a marketing strategy that places the audience in the hero's role. Much like our favorite movies, the same sort of arc happens as the hero is taken from stasis and begins their journey.

Whether it's buying their first home, deciding to subscribe to a monthly service, or enrolling in online classes—storytelling envisions the journey and what it will take to get the hero to their destination.

Who Is the Hero in Your Company's Story?

First things first. You know that your audience or customer is the hero in your brand story. But how much do you know about them? It's essential to develop audience personas based around a single need that your company can fill. A focused audience persona will help you develop the storyline with them as the hero.

Answer These Three Essential Story Questions

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