Dystopian Science Fiction Short Stories

Updated: May 22

5 Pages of Mastery from Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury's "August 2026 There Will Come Soft Rains" is an excellent example of how fiction and fact overlap when the writer asks the simple question—what if?

Image by Mystic Art Design via Pixabay

Writers inspire technology with fictional devices and scenarios, as much as they take inspiration from the technology that terrifies them.

There's a wealth of ideas for dystopian sci-fi between reality and fiction. We don't have to travel the galaxy to expound on one of our favorite themes—

Humanity's ability to create and destroy.

Spoiler Alert! Why not read this 5-page short story before I ruin it for you? There's a link at the top of this article.

Photo by Charles Levy / Public domain via Wikimedia

Bradbury wrote "August 2026 There Will Come Soft Rains" in 1950, long before we could ask Alexa to turn on the lights with a voice command. Imagination and research fueled his take on a scenario as he placed technology and nature at odds with one another. And a strikingly familiar system continues to operate even after the people who invented and used it disappear.

The world feared nuclear holocaust when Bradbury penned this short story. And as all great writers do, he asked, what if? He imagined the results of humanity's misuse of one of our greatest gifts—

The ability to create technology that can advance society or destroy it.