Starting Fresh: Reflections From 2021 and Goals for 2022

I love the first day of the new year. It feels alive with possibilities.

I'm an introvert. Consequently, spending time alone is the way I recharge. But I'm not going to lie. There were times in 2021 that I felt more alone than I ever have in my life. Still, that time was incredibly productive, and I feel more at peace with myself.

And, I wish all of you a peaceful and fulfilling New Year.

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Happy New Year, 2022

I've never spent much time reflecting, probably because I tend to dwell on things that affect me negatively. But 2021 taught me that I have more to be grateful for than I often realize.

Reflection #1: Taking Time to Feel Gratitude

Looking back, one of the best parts of 2021 was walking on the beach every day. I wasn't alone. My trusty companion, Nadine, a little 10-pound longhair Chihuahua, was almost always by my side. And I made a new (human) friend, who was the only person I hung out with for most of the year. Her friendship feels like a true blessing.

I feel grateful that I have the opportunity to live in this spectacular place on the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington. It's one of those places that would have made me say, I wish I could live there, on one of my many road trips across the state. I can't think of another place I would rather have been during the pandemic, even though there were times that I felt the weight of being alone.

Heading #2: I Accomplished Things That Once Felt Impossible

Spending so much time alone in 2021 also helped me complete my master's degree in creative writing, write a feature-length script, and build a content writing business. Going to college can put stress on relationships. It's hard to find much time to spend with friends and family when you're working full time and in a graduate program.

Looking back, being in school and building my freelance writing business kept me feeling positive most of the time. Like millions of other people, I lost work, feared eviction, and wondered if I would make it through the year healthy.

Having a passion for writing and education and goals to accomplish helped me push through all of it.

Goals #1: Finish My Television Pilot and Series Bible

To that end, 2022 will find me following my passion. Content writing makes me a solid and reliable writer. Completing my degree and finishing the film version of my script inspired me to turn my idea into a series. I feel like I'm right on track to reaching a goal that would have felt impossible a decade ago.

I'm putting the finishing touches on the pilot script and polishing the series bible. I'll also be writing fiction stories on Vocal and plan to enter a few contests on that platform. The one contest that looks promising right now is a short story prompt that includes a barn owl.

There's also a first-place prize of $20,000. Who couldn't use that money? It's worth a shot. At the very least I'll have written another story for my fiction portfolio.

Goals #2: Find Ways to Connect With People

Connecting with people has always felt challenging for me. I'm much better at doing so online by offering helpful tips and tricks and showing my support for other creators. Linked-In has become my favorite place to connect because I get inspired by people and their accomplishments. Plus, it's a great way to connect with people who have similar interests and goals.

However, I plan to get out of my comfort zone and volunteer this year. One possibility is volunteering to help paint and build sets in the local community theater. There's also a visitor's center that needs help and numerous events during the summer that I could volunteer at to connect to my community here at home.

Of course, COVID will determine how much time we get to spend together in real life. But if we have to stay home, we can adjust, as we need to. If you read this post and want to connect, I would love to hear from you!

Get in touch online via IndiGirl Productions. Or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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