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IndiGirl Productions offers a subscription service that helps small and medium businesses with website content audits and content writing services. We also provide user experience (UX) writing and optimize all that behind the scenes text that makes your website more user friendly. If you're wondering where to find freelance writers, Indigirl Productions provides content writing services that can make your brand shine.

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$199 per month

You get a complete website audit, including an inventory of your current website and blog content. As we catalog your content, we'll analyze URLs, links, and metadata. Then we'll refresh, restructure, rewrite, and add new content to engage and delight your audience. Please get in touch to get started.

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Website Audit

  • Inventory Content

  • Catalog Categories

Collect and Analyze

  • URLs

  • Links

  • Meta Data

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$199 per month

  • Refresh

  • Rewrite

  • Restructure

StArting at

$199 per month

IndiGirl Productions participates in a variety of affiliate programs, which means we sometimes get paid commissions on products that you purchase through our links to retailer sites.  We appreciate you supporting our business in this way and will only advertise relevant products and services.                                        


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