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A Ghostlight is a bare bulb on a long post that stands tall. Its naked light exposes potential hazards when a theater is unoccupied. If someone is working late, on stage, or behind the curtain, a Ghostlight keeps them from getting hurt.


There's another side to the Ghostlight, however. Theater superstition says it provides light for spirits to see their surroundings and even perform on the stage. A spirit can remain attached to a place for many reasons, and the ghost in my story has her own reason for staying.

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When I was in film school, I had an opportunity to write, direct, and produce a short film. I was new to this craft, and all I really knew was that this was an opportunity to experiment. Ghostlight is a ghost story set in a community theater.


The concept centers around the theater superstition regarding the Ghostlight— a bare bulb mounted on a long post. Theater people use the Ghostlight to shed some light in an otherwise dark theater. It keeps people from getting hurt.


Of course, the superstition goes that the light is actually for the spirits that occupy the theater. In this story, guilt holds a spirit captive in the theater where she passed away. I've revised the story since my first attempt at making this film.


But I do love the feel of this first attempt. I was trying for an Alfred Hitchcock meets German Expressionism vibe. For me, the practical effects are the best part of this short ghost story.


If you want to read the revised story, it's featured on my profile page on

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