Everyone has a story to tell. It's easy to dream of writing that novel or screenplay, but a whole other thing to do it. My passion projects are the stories I want to share. 


I became a content writer to challenge myself to develop discipline and to be consistent as a writer. It was a good choice. I feel blessed to do what I love and live in an incredible place while working to make the dream happen.


OPT-IN is a television series with nine episodes in the first season.

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The Shift

The Shift is another Sci-Fi story about artificial intelligence. This story finds three brothers battling to save humanity after D-DAy when AI takes over the world. Read the short story on Vocal. I'll be adding a page to track this story and its progrssion.

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This story came to me as a result of working in a theater that felt haunted. It has a couple of iterations: short film and short story. Learn more.

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