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What is Ghostwriting?

Digital transformation accelerated in 2020. Consequently, the demand for online content grew. The pandemic forced businesses online and created an urgency to increase their online presence so their customers could find them. 

What Does Digital Transformation Have to Do With Ghostwriting? 

Many business owners don't know where to start when it comes to building an online reputation. That's where ghostwriting helps. Traditionally, ghostwriters work with novelists. In the digital world, professional content writers often write without getting credit, AKA ghostwriting. 


When writers take a job ghostwriting, we understand that someone else's name will show as the author. On the other hand, staff writers might get the credit. Or, there might not be any credit listed, such as on web landing pages. 

Ghostwriters use technical knowledge, creative writing skills, and content marketing insights to create content. Since the acceleration in eCommerce, content marketing has created a high demand for writers across many industries, including:

  • B2B

  • SaaS

  • Tech

  • Education

  • Entertainment


One reason to hire an experienced content writer is that we understand what makes content credible. Not only is credibility important to your business reputation, but it's also essential to get placed higher in search engine rankings. 

Reasons to Hire Ghostwriters for Online Content Creation

Some ghostwriters are generalists. Others focus on specific industries. They conduct research, adhere to brand guidelines, and provide credible content that businesses use to engage customers. Not only is credibility important to your business's reputation, but it's also essential to get placed higher in search engine rankings. 

Business owners may not have time to keep up with the demands of business and consistently publish content. What's more, many companies want to develop leadership in their industry. A qualified ghostwriter can produce guides and articles that inform and engage your audience.

Of course, it makes sense to hire a professional writer. Truthfully, most people don't consider themselves great writers, even if they're experts in their industry. People often have the knowledge and experience but lack the ability to put it into words.

Experienced ghostwriters can produce easy-to-read and understand content and even help businesses implement their content marketing strategy. Perhaps one of the most important reasons to hire a ghostwriter to produce content for you is for search engine optimization (SEO). Without SEO, your website won't get listed on search engines or generate traffic.

In fact, if your content isn't performing well, it's likely because of SEO. All online content from blog posts, web pages, white papers, and guides must be optimized for search engines. Ghostwriting helps you get there.


Contact Sharon Wilfong if you need a ghostwriter to produce:

  • Web landing pages

  • Journalistic press releases

  • Guides

  • Articles

  • Other? Ask me.


I am adept at research and can write as a generalist. However, my areas of expertise are education, film and media, creative writing, content writing, and content marketing. I accept work on contract.