What is a byline?

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Traditionally, a byline credits the name of a journalist writing an article in a print newspaper or magazine. 

In print, a byline's format is— by or written by—then the author's name. For example, my byline reads—by Sharon Wilfong.


Articles and blog posts online often include writer bylines, as well. When it comes to digital media, a byline is a simple element that credits the author. It includes the writer's name, the same as in print. However, an online byline can link to the author's email or other identifying information. 

Linking to additional information is ideal. Here's the thing. The name in the byline might not actually be the person who did the writing. A ghostwriter could have written the post. Maybe that sounds shady to some. It's not necessarily, but it could be. That's why it's a good idea to find out more about the author of anything you read online. Credibility matters.


Content writing covers various formats. A content writer may write web pages, white papers, press releases, or product descriptions. This type of content writing doesn't usually include a byline. On the other hand, it's always best to look for the author's name on blog posts, articles, guides, and reviews.