IndiGirl Productions has gone through some changes since its inception in 2013. I was working on a degree in digital film production and imagined it as a film production company. After a couple of years of pursuing an associate's degree in digital film production, I realized that I wanted a more comprehensive education.

In film school, I learned the craft of filmmaking. There's plenty of opportunities to hone your skills and gain accolades through festivals, but I wanted something I could do as a freelancer to make money while I wrote my scripts. After spending three years as a 1st AD/ Director/ Producer/ Writer, it was apparent to me that I should focus on the one role that I felt most at home—writing. 

Then, I decided it was time to pursue a BA in Marketing and New Media Communications. 

The communications degree paid off, even before I completed it in May 2019. I started picking up side gigs writing content for websites and articles for blogs. I also wrote reviews and interviews for an online film magazine, The Cult Critic. Soon, I had enough steady freelance writing work to leave my job at a local college and make a living fulltime as a freelance writer. 

Today, IndiGirl Productions offers digital marketing consultation, content writing services, UX writing, ghostwriting, and more. My mission is to help other entrepreneurs build an audience for their film, business, or services. 


As someone who believes in lifelong education, I'm currently in a graduate program, studying creative writing, with a focus on Screenwriting.

Thank you for visiting the website. I hope you find inspiration here and want to become part of the IndiGirl Productions community. Let's start a conversation and build something great for the future.

Sharon Wilfong

IndiGirl Productions

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