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Sharon Stallings Wilfong

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Writer for Print, Web, and Screen


The IndiGirl Productions' website serves a couple of purposes. Primarily, I highlight my writing work as a content writer for businesses and as a creative writer of memoir, narrative fiction, and screenwriting.

IndiGirl is a work in progress, allowing me to examine data analytics that I otherwise don't get to see as a content writer. My goal here is to continue to hone my skills in SEO and gather data that backs up my professional work as a writer for digital media.

For the past decade, I've studied live theater and digital film production, finished a BA in New Media Communications, and am now completing my MA in Creative Writing with a focus on Screenwriting. (Graduation, July 2021).

Before going back to school, I'd spent a lifetime as a fine art painter and fascinated with graphic design, which is why you'll also find multimedia works on the IndiGirl site as it continues to grow.

I'm currently working hard to build a resource for writers, whether it's how to write great content for blogs and web pages or approaches and lessons in narrative and screenplay formats.


Please get in touch if you have any questions.


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