Sharon Wilfong

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Author, Educator,  and  Fine Art Painter

Hi, my name is Sharon Wilfong and IndiGirl Productions is my official website. I began a full-time writing career after completing my bachelor's in new media communications. One thing I quickly learned is that content writing is continuing education.


Research is an essential tool I use to write about various subjects for clients in industries from education, lifestyle, and technology to holistic health and filmmaking. Indeed working as a content writer has helped me think like a teacher. As a life-long learner, I understand that applying our life experience makes learning richer.


I believe students can learn to use their knowledge across subjects and industries. To that end, one of my goals as an educator is to encourage a mindset that imagines cross-functional applications. What this means is that our experience can inform new endeavors.

I recently completed my MA in creative writing with a focus on screenwriting. During my studies, I finished the first draft of a feature-length techno sci-fi thriller and laid out the base for both a content writing and screenwriting class.​ The next step is to refine each of these and put them out into the world. If you're interested in content writing or screenwriting, stay tuned for the classes and workshops.

In the meantime, I hope you'll check out my blog and Vocal.Media posts for tips and tricks. Please contact me with any questions.