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Content Writing

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Content writing is the foundation of everything you read, see, and hear in the digital world.


Consider the many types of content online. Social media posts, videos, podcasts, web pages, and landing pages all need skilled content writers.


Content writing requires an understanding of storytelling, SEO, keywords, and applications.


My name is Sharon, and I write content for industries including media and entertainment, digital marketing, education, SaaS, and lifestyle. Some of my content writing applications include blog posts, social media, tutorials, white papers, city pages, and video and podcast scripts.


You can hire me as a ghostwriter through Writer Access. Use this link to view my profile and get a $50 discount on your first order.

Or learn more about content writing. Subscribe here to start my free email course on content writing. 

Creative Writing

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It was an unexpected path that brought me here. After years of being a fine art painter, designing websites, promoting artists, and writing blogs, I decided to go back to school to get a communications degree.


But I got sidetracked and pursued a degree in digital film production (2013-2015). A few years (and short films) later I moved on to complete my BA in new media communications (2019).


Filmmaking continues to be a passion. However, along the way, I realized that it was writing which always inspires me. 


Fast forward to 2021. I completed my degree in creative writing with a focus on screenwriting during the initial COVID pandemic.

I'm currently in revisions on my sci-fi tech thriller script. It's on course to be an entry in a list of screenwriting competitions. After that, I plan to pitch it to producers. I'll be linking to news about screenwriting here, so stay tuned.