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IndiGirl Productions

My Story in a Nutshell

Goals: 2022

I have three main goals for IndiGirl Productions in the upcoming year.

1. To provide tips, tricks, and guides on content writing, digital marketing, and SEO.

2. To offer space for other women to publish content as part of the IndiGirl brand.

3. To promote my creative writing and original art.


I've worked as a writer in various capacities for over a decade. Before that, I promoted my original art and other artists through my company Art pARTies Seattle. That experience inspired a love for writing in the digital space, and I learned how valuable digital marketing is for independent artists.

I returned to school at 47 and studied digital filmmaking. Then I worked over the next few years to finish a BA in digital communications and an MA in creative writing.


I created IndiGirl Productions in 2013 with the idea that I would promote female filmmakers (including me, of course). I've expanded that idea over the years and in 2022 I hope that this website can become a community for creators to share inspiration and help build each other up. These days it feels as if we need community more than ever. Get in touch if you want to collaborate, or have any questions. I'd love to hear from you!