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IndiGirl Productions

What is IndiGirl Productions?


I established IndiGirl Productions in 2013 as I worked toward my digital film production degree. I wanted to create a website to promote female filmmakers. To that end, the name IndiGirl originated from the idea of being an independent filmmaker and an independent woman in a typically male industry.


The thing is, I had been working in digital marketing since 2010, so I decided to continue my education. After graduating with a BA in digital communications, I took the plunge and began full-time freelancing as a content writer in 2018. Still, I wanted to use my education and experience in digital film production.


I went back to school in 2020 and finished my MA in creative writing, with a focus on screenwriting in May 2021. Today Indigirl Productions reflects my education and experience in digital film production, content writing, and digital marketing. It's a place for clients, collaborators, and fans to get the latest news and updates on projects and services.

These days organizations in every sector need professional content writers. Some content writers specialize, while others are generalists who can write at an expert level. In 2022, one of my goals for IndiGirl Productions is to be a place for women to hone their writing skills and become part of a writing community.


However, everyone is welcome, regardless of gender. Check out the IndiGirl Blog for how-to articles and guides on content writing, creative writing, and screenwriting.


If you have questions, get in touch.

Sharon Wilfong